Cross training

The ‘Runs like a penguin’ team may not have got first place in the Whangamata Adventure Race but definitely had a lot of fun. I imagine it’s the first of many such races we’ll attempt, especially as Suzie and Adam are aiming for the New Zealand coast to coast in 2016. Nicknamed ‘the longest day’, the 24 hour version of the race sees competitor run 37km running, cycle 138km and kayak 70km, mostly on rough tracks.

The day after the race I had my first encounter with a New Zealand public toilet which played ‘What the world needs now, is love sweet love’ after telling me I had five minutes to pee. We also visited Purangu Winery where delicious cider was consumed by all and sat in the natural thermal hot pools at the originally named ‘Hot Water Beach’. Think loads of people, a small space, 2 foot deep holes filled with boiling to quite cold water…bazar but fun.

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