Ginger biscuits are the answer

Me: What should I take on a 60k run?

Matt: I have no idea. My experience of ultramarathons is limited. And by limited I mean zero.

A couple of days ago I decided running the Kepler track would be a good idea. It’s one of New Zealand’s great walks, is 60km (37mi) long and involves crossing Luxmore Saddle at 1400m. Having never run a marathon before and only done a couple of two hour ‘training’ runs I was fairy apprehensive. However, I get pretty bored walking so it seemed like a good way to see some more of the country’s stunning mountain terrain.

Fortunately, the day turned out to be exclusively type one fun (fun you actually enjoy at the time, unlike mountaineering, where you’re usually too busy being terrified!). What’s more, I could still walk the next day…bonza. There may have been a fair amount of walking involved, but we don’t have to talk too much about that bit.

Hope you enjoy the pictures. For real trail running inspiration have a look at my friend Clement’s website. He’s quite a lot better than me.

P.S. In addition to copious ginger biscuits, I ate one peanut butter and jam sandwich, a couple of sports jells and three one square meal bars. Nom nom nom.

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