Week one

Two weeks ago I was working in Boston, living in a high-rise apartment and playing beer pong with red cups at the weekend.

One week ago I was back in London sleeping on friends’ sofas, completing a last hectic week of Consulting and trying to figure out the difference between a technical ice axe and an alpine ice axe.

This week I’ve been living in a campervan in Chamonix, experiencing Alpine climbing for the first time and eating my body weight in cheese and cereal bars (the chocolate Carrefour discount ones are by far the most promising).

I asked people what I should write about – local history perhaps but I’m far from an expert, observations on life in France (baguettes, cheese and wine…fairly well known to anyone who’s been on a eurocamp holiday) but the most common request was to talk about people.

So, this blog will mostly be about people and experiences, but also will aim to share useful stuff (mostly climbing and travel related) that I’ve learnt along the way. I hope that aspiring alpinists, travellers and armchair adventurers find it useful.



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